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A total body method for health and wellbeing

We are exceptionally complicated organisms that are connected by our mind, body and spirit all needing to work in perfect unison.
Our issues may involve a range of symptoms so not one approach can really address multiple issues.



Kinex Therapy is a Total Body Integration Method and body maintenance programme. It starts with hand on treatments to help you understand how your body should be functioning, followed by easy rehabilitative exercises you can do every day to make sure that the body is doing what it is supposed to be doing.



Essentially I'm a Human Body Mechanic.

When we are truly connected our mind, body and spirit work in perfect unison. 

My job is to help you make this happen.

Over the course of 38 years I have studied many forms of therapies including NeuroKinetic Therapy, Bio Mechanics, Kinesiology, Fascia Release and Applied Physiology in the search for a therapy that can truly help and heal our bodies from the numerous stresses we encounter every day. Through this study and practice I have honed and developed my unique method, which I call Total Body Integration.

I work through the nervous, muscular, energy, skeletal, facia and endocrine systems to isolate the causes of pain, restricted mobility, low energy to help make the body reprogram its communication patterns and restore the body back to a healthy balance.

Treatment starts with an assessment of your physical, energy, general health and wellbeing and from there I tailor my method for your systems and body. 

I hold the following qualifications:

NKT Level 3, NOT Level 2, Aim certificated, Applied Kinesiology and Applied Physiology diplomas, an undergraduate degree in Biophysics and Neurophysiology, postgraduate diplomas in Science Education and Masters in Science.

Contact - 0435 482554




NeuroKinetic Therapy is a structural method developed to treat changes in muscle action caused by injury. Correcting your muscles with NKT helps make your body perform better and alleviate pain.



Kinesiology is a method to systematically assess the body by checking the competence of its structures.  The term kinesiology arises from the word keie, ‘to set in motion’ so various muscles and pressure points can be used as indicators to test multiple layers of your health and mobility.

Applied Physiology

Applied Physiology deals with systems such as the endocrine, immune, reproductive, digestive, metabolic. Using kinesiological and traditional Chinese concepts, deeper layers can be accessed using the acupoint, meridians to rebalance the chemistry of their hormones.

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Neuro Organisational Technique

Neural Organizational Technique is a therapy that works on the structural, physiological and emotional issues. Its premise is that the nervous system is locked into a survival situation and the body can be brought back into a more balanced state.


Mobility and Movement Therapy

Everything about our body is about patterns, whether it is walking, running, eating or posture.
Poor patterns are like bad habits, they have been created slowly by the body but the effects produce the issues of poor posture or poor walking or restrictive running. To revitalise the body then requires it to be given something better than what it is doing. This resetting and revitalising component of Kinex therapy is a body maintenance programme that the client uses daily to create something better but it also is a tool that they can use to check in and make sure that the body is doing what it is supposed to be doing.


Incredibly effective treatment and surprising what an immediate impact it made in my body. Im feeling more connected, looser and much more nimble.

Mel Flanagan, Content Designer, Sydney


I offer treatments in West Busselton and monthly in Cottesloe.

First treatment is 2 hours in West Bussleton at my home and is $180  and $100 for follow up treatments (1 hour)

First treatment in Cottesloe clinic is 2 hours (usually monthly - call for dates) and is $225. Follow up treatments are usually an hour  and $125.

I can also provide Mobile treatments coming to your home within 20km of West Busselton or Cottesloe. An additional $50 travel cost applies to each treatment cost.

Further follow treatments are usually only 30 minutes 

All appointments are subject to a $50 deposit payable by credit card in advance. This will be deducted from the cost of your treatment. 

24 hour notice for cancellations applies.

For bookings call 0435 482554

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